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Savory Brining Technique


While traditional brining was originally used to preserve meat, today brining is most often used to improve the flavor, texture, and moisture content of lean cuts of meat. This is achieved by soaking the meat in a moderately salty liquid for a few hours to a few days. Brining also provides a safety net during cooking—if you happen to overcook the meat a bit, it will still retain moisture.


Lean cuts of meat with mild flavor tend to benefit the most from flavor brining:
Chicken: whole, butterflied, or pieces
Cornish Hens: whole or butterflied
Turkey: whole, butterflied, or pieces
Pork: chops, loin, tenderloin, fresh ham

Turkey Brine
2 gallons water
2 cups sugar
1 cup salt
1 bunch fresh thyme
1 bunch fresh sage
1 whole garlic bulb
5 pouches Savory Choice


Cut garlic bulb in half. Mix 5 stick pouches, salt, sugar, thyme, sage, and garlic in water. Add turkey, removing the giblets. Brine overnight.