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Savory Choice

Turkey Broth Concentrate

Product Description

  • Finally, turkey broth that tastes like turkey, not chicken
  • Liquid broth concentrate packed in single-serve foil pouches
  • Made with Natural Ingredients, Gluten-free & FODMAP friendly
  • Great value: 1 box (12 stick pouches) makes 96 ounces of turkey broth
    (equal to 7 x 14 oz cans or 3 x 1 quart boxed broth)
  • Uses: soups, stews, gravies, injection, brine, or as an ingredient in your marinade
  • Convenience: no more opening a full box of broth when you only need 1 cup
  • Each stick pouch of liquid broth concentrate is reconstituted with 1 cup (8 oz) hot water.

5 reviews for Turkey Broth Concentrate

  1. Gail L.

    (verified owner):

    What originally brought me to Savory Choice was my quest to find turkey broth that was worthy of using for holiday meals. There was never enough turkey broth to go around for noodles, dressing, and gravy. Now I have a found this wonderful product and I won’t be without it.

  2. Lisa Gleason

    (verified owner):

    I have grown children who have suffered from migraine headaches, since childhood. MSG is on the list of triggers. Every time we went to relatives’ homes, they would end up getting sick. I first saw this product on the grocery shelf several years ago, and I decided I would give it a try, since it has no MSG. I would not host Thanksgiving dinner without it! It is wonderful! It has a delicious homemade flavor and it stretches the homemade broth and gravy, so that I have plenty to go around and to send leftovers home. I have not seen it on the shelf since that time. Fortunately, I had written down the name of the product for someone else, and I still had it. I too, wish there was a larger home use amount, but that will not deter me.

  3. Marie Z.


    I wanted to add to my review. Look at the labels of other brands of “turkey” gravy. You will see that they are made with CHICKEN and CHICKEN fat. No wonder they taste like chicken! Savory Choice is the only brand that I have found that is made from TURKEY! It has NO chicken in it! I’m thrilled with it. It’s really a terrific product. And, I’m still using the packets. And I STILL hope that they will make a larger size for home use. I use it all the time, now, when making my turkey gravy, since there never seems to be enough to go around. No one even notices that I’ve added something new, because Savory Choice is REAL turkey, no chicken. Yum!

  4. Pam Gebhart


    I really dislike using chicken stock for gravy and stuffing. I waited a year to write a review because I needed to make a couple of batches of turkey noodle soup before I could give an honest opinion. I always make the first batch after Thanksgiving with as much homemade stock as I can make out of 16-18 lb turkey. Then I supplement it with chicken stock which dilutes the turkey flavor. This time I used Savory Choice instead of chicken stock. It was wonderful and ao much better than chicken stock!! But the real test is when I don’t have any homemade stock left. I just made a large batch of turkey noodle soup with just Savory Choice Stock. I boosted the flavor by roasting some carrots and celery with some left over turkey fat that I’d frozen. Then I added the normal traditional turkey seasonings. Roasted at 325 for about an hour then added it to the turkey. Started adding water and stock. It turned out great! Was very pleased. This stock actually tastes like roast turkey. Will be buying more way ahead of Thanksgiving. Thanks Savory Choice!

  5. Cathy

    (verified owner):

    I love the turkey stock because it tastes so authentic. I use it to make a cup of broth at work on my 15 minute breaks. It’s quick and easy and if I add a bit of milk or cream I can have Creamed Turkey broth. I wish it was available in a jar for home use as I hate cutting open the packets and trying to squeeze out the last drop of turkey broth. I end up dunking the opening in the broth and trying to wash out the inside of the packet into my cup of broth. It’s fiddly and I hate throwing all those little plastic sachets into the waste stream. But I give 5 spoons for this product — I like the taste better than beef and chicken but those are very good as well. The hospital where I work has started stocking our nutrition rooms with the beef and chicken packets and they are way better than the horrible packets of dry broth that we used to have. I offer them to my patients all the time. They are a great pick-me-up for patients who are on clear liquids.

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Turkey Stock, Natural Flavor, Salt, Turkey Fat, Maltodextrin, Sugar, Yeast Extract and Xanthan Gum.

Our clean label products contain no MSG, or HVP, and they're naturally gluten free with zero Trans fats.