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Savory Choice

Pho Vegetable Broth Concentrate

Product Description

  • Liquid broth concentrate packed in single-serve foil pouches
  • No added MSG, no HVP, no I+G, no preservatives, no trans–fats, and gluten-free
  • Great value: 1 box (4 stick pouches) makes 64 ounces of vegetable pho broth
    (equal to 4 x 16 oz boxes or 2 quarts boxed broth)
  • Add your choice of protein or veggies, cooked rice noodles and garnish with your choice of condiments to create the perfect pho dish in minutes
  • Each stick pouch of liquid broth concentrate is reconstituted with 2 cups (16 oz) hot water


6 reviews for Pho Vegetable Broth Concentrate

  1. Amanda


    Excellent product – really easy to use and makes exceptionally tasty Pho soups. I use 2 or three pouches to get the best tasting results – very yummy!

  2. Annis Cassells


    Love this stuff! A pouch or two adds flavor to soups and bean dishes.

  3. Jenn


    It is so good has a wonderful flavor I love Pho. This is such a good tasting product. I wish every health food store sold it.

  4. micheline

    (verified owner):

    The whole house smells AMAZING when I make soup with this broth! I make a huge pot with every vegetable in the fridge and I add 4-5 packets. Seriously so delicious!

  5. Ashley Lynd



  6. Zoe Chance


    We received this in a box of Purple Carrot prep at home meals. And liked it so much we went online to stalk some more of the stuff. Their broth recipe was, per person:
    1 packet pho broth concentrate
    1 T tamari
    1 tsp miso
    1.5C water

    They have you sauté the vegetables in a large pan and then add all the above, being to a boil, and turn off the heat immediately.


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Vegetable Juice Concentrates (Onion, Mushroom, Carrot, Celery, Garlic), Maltodextrin, Sugar, Salt, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavor, and Xanthan Gum.

Our clean label products contain no HVP and they're naturally gluten free with zero Trans fats.