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Savory Choice

Chicken Broth Concentrate

Product Description

  • Liquid broth concentrate packed in single-serve foil pouches
  • Made with Natural Ingredients, Gluten-free and FODMAP Friendly (onion & garlic free)
  • Great value: 1 box (12 stick pouches) makes 96 ounces of chicken broth
    (equal to 7 x 14 oz cans or 3 x 1 quart boxed broth)
  • Uses: soups, stews, gravies, or as an ingredient in your marinade
  • Convenience: no more opening a full box of broth when you only need 1 cup
  • Each stick pouch of liquid broth concentrate is reconstituted with 1 cup (8 oz) hot water

24 reviews for Chicken Broth Concentrate

  1. Susan L.

    (verified owner):

    This is the best broth I have yet to find. Rich and flavorful, it is ideal for everything from a simple cup of broth to the base for a hearty soup. This is my “go to” when I need a broth for anything. It makes the canned/boxed broths seem like water!

  2. marj blecha


    Looked for a long time for a good broth and this is absolutely the best! My husband loves homemade noodles and he raves about how delicious they are. Couldn’t do it without Savory choices broth. I use it in stuffing, stews, meats I cook in the crock pot etc. Can’t praise it enough.

  3. Gail L.

    (verified owner):

    I have been searching for a product like this for a very long time. The chicken broth is wonderful to use for cooking and also tasty for a hot drink on a cold day.

  4. Theresa W.


    This is the best broth I’ve found! I needed to find a broth concentrate that was Gluten Free and had no MSG for a guest. I found this at Whole Foods and I’m so glad I did, we all love it, and the beef concentrate as well. There’s no going back to my old brand!
    I like to use it in gravy and soup, and to season quinoa, rice and noodles.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find it included with my HelloFresh prepared meal orders as well!
    If you haven’t tried this product give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!


    (verified owner):


  6. Jennifer


    Hands down the best broth I ever had!!

  7. Rob

    (verified owner):

    Few store broths are good enough to cook with, even less can be sipped plain. This is by far top shelf, keep a box in my pack and some in my go bag.

  8. Eli


    I fell in love with the chicken broth at Neiman Marcus. I also ordered their special at Christmas which allowed me to sample all of the broths. I just received my recent order and to my surprise, they had included a wonderful carryall that I shall use for groceries. What a wonderful company with a wonderful product!!!

  9. Susan Leach


    5 spoons plus! This is a must have pantry staple! If you love to cook look no further for a better broth,it would be impossible to find one! I have used the chicken broth religiously for close to 5 years,and would be at a loss without it! I currently reside in Okinawa Japan and have it shipped here! LOVE this product!

  10. April Cooper


    I was given this broth post-op and it is the best chicken broth I have ever tasted in my life.I am hooked.

  11. Donna K.

    (verified owner):

    Savory Choice products are absolutely the best! I use their Chicken broth concentrate to add additional flavor to so many of my recipes. It makes absolutely the best risotto ever–I can’t tell you how many compliments I have gotten!

  12. Hannah


    One of the first things I was able to eat post-op and it was the best broth I’ve ever tasted. It has great flavor- very savory and comforting, not too salty or thin. I took (almost) all of the packets from the hospital pantry! Better than any bullion cube, paste, box, can, etc.

  13. Jess

    (verified owner):

    I had this broth while I was in the hospital and I was instantly hooked. while I was in the hospital, I had atleast 8-10 cups of the chicken concentrate broth a day or more and when I was released from the hospital I was looking all over to find it and I couldn’t find it anywhere. finally I looked online and found this website and I instantly ordered 6 of the 12 pack boxes. cant wait to use this in my homemade chicken dumpling soup and just to eat it just as broth! best chicken broth ive ever had!!!

  14. Ting Peterson

    (verified owner):

    Not quite as good as completely homemade from scratch, but close enough that I now won’t spend hours simmering. It has no artificial taste as most other concentrates tend to. It’s also a huge space saver as it comes in little foil-lined pouches.

  15. Mickey

    (verified owner):

    These little packets are my secret flavor bombs for anything that needs a boost without a ton of extra sodium.

  16. Bright Smith

    (verified owner):

    This is not only better than any canned or boxed broth, it takes way LESS. SPACE.

  17. Rita


    Love your broth concentrates; have been a fan for many years. Wish they were sold in more stores. It’s hard to find.

  18. Paula

    (verified owner):

    I have been using this for years. I think it’s the BEST broth available!

  19. Debbie Rankin

    (verified owner):

    I am 68 and finally came across Savory Choice in Whole Foods. Now I order direct because I can’t rely on it being there when I need it! I use the beef and chicken, best ever, always! Thank You

  20. Samantha Jean


    LOVE this product!!! I was first introduced to it through Hello Fresh meal kits when I used it in a sauce. I was so hoping I could buy it and sure enough, I could! It is so flavorful! And a super added bonus of no MSG and individual packets!

  21. Deborah Potter

    (verified owner):

    Was introduced to this product while in the hospital. It is the best ever. Placing an order today!

  22. Fred Smith


    Best broth concentrates I have ever had. Especially like the chicken.

  23. Debbie Richards


    This is the only thing my sister can keep down, I was looking on eBay & the talk was how much the broth has tripled n price, so I found this site & was so happy I could buy a box, until to my surprise, at checkout the p & h was twice the amount of broth, I cannot afford $12.00 2 ship, my sister is 4th stage liver failure & this is all she can keep down, I’ll keep looking, maybe I can find it somewhere cheaper, thanks

  24. Patricia McLemore

    (verified owner):

    Have use the Chicken broth for year but never took the time for a review. I use it in everything, beef and chicken in some soups, chicken in vegetable like sautéed green beans, fried cabbage, etc. I add this with melted butter and it makes a great glaze and or sauce. Hubby drank a cup when he felt sick and thought it cured everything. Just a cup and he was well!!!

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Chicken Stock, Natural Flavor, Salt, Chicken Fat, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Yeast Extract, and Xanthan Gum.

Our clean label products contain no HVP and they're naturally gluten free with zero Trans fats.