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Savory Choice

Beef Demi Glace

Product Description

  • No preservatives,  trans–fats, and gluten-free
  • Restaurant quality sauce in minutes that is perfect to drizzle over meats
  • Uses: enhance stews and soups
  • Perfect for braising
  • Each box contains two 37.5 gram pouches
  • Each pouch reconstitutes with 2T. of water



9 reviews for Beef Demi Glace

  1. Victoria B


    When mixed with Tawney Port and butter and heated this is the most delicious sauce on the planet for steaks and chops, beef or lamb!! Makes you want to lick the plate!

  2. Susan P

    (verified owner):

    I have used this for both ultra-gourmet preparations (tournedoes in cognac with cranberries and fresh herbs) and “comfort-foods” such as pot roast. It is fabulous in both types of applications!

    I used to use the very expensive Williams-Sonoma Veal demi glace, and while the Williams-Sonoma product was very good, it is not gluten-free, a “must” when my granddaughter is dining with us. I searched on the Internet to find a gluten-free glace , found Savory Choice, and have become a huge fan.

  3. megan townsend


    This is a perfect product. I use it with short ribs, roasts and as a finishing sauce. The taste is so unique and classic the same time. Company and family love the dishes I make with it and I am totally a fan.

  4. Belinda Guttman


    I use this for pot roast recipes. It’s so yummy that I can eat it from the package!!

  5. Donna K.

    (verified owner):

    The “secret ingredient” I add to my slow cooker barbecue brisket…mmmm!

  6. Tara


    I cannot get enough of this Demi, it’s so versatile and delicious in so many applications and dishes. However my favorite is still on a pan seared oven roasted filet, some rosemary and butter, oh my deliciousness!!!

  7. Ting Peterson

    (verified owner):

    Absolutely the best!! I open a packet & freeze the remainder, just as amazing 3 months later. I use it in jus, meat sauce for pasta, pot roast, stews, soups, chili & more. It elevates everything made with beef, pork or lamb.

  8. Gail Santorelli


    Excellent product and I use it with many proteins to enhance flavor. A favorite is adding it to turkey gravy for my secret ingredient!!!
    A must for every home cook!!

  9. Gordon Smith


    I love this product. I am a classically trained chef. I studied at two French culinary schools. I know demi. At home I cannot make the 3 day demi I make in the restaurant. So I resort to this since I no longer own a restaurant. It is a wonderful base for a lot of creations. Tonight some fresh Rosemary and a pinot noit to drizzle over lamb shanks.

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Reduced Wine, Vegetable Juice Concentrates (Tomato, Onion, Carrot, Celery), Maltodextrin, Sugar, Beef Stock, Natural Flavor, Salt, Butter, Yeast Extract, and Beef Fat.

Our clean label products contain no HVP and they're naturally gluten free with zero Trans fats.